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I transfered my wordpress blog from .com to a self host but it is full with embeds from youtube and flickr, written like thus:


and so how do I go about converting those wordpress.com embeds to normal embeds?

Thank you

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Search RegEx is a good plugin to be able to search and replace with Grep through all posts and pages. With that, you can change your shortcodes to the default Embeds « WordPress Codex that self-hosted Wordpress uses, which in its simplest form is just the URL.

Or use WordPress › Viper's Video Quicktags « WordPress Plugins and search/replace to convert to that form of shortcode.

And http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/ is a better place for Wordpress questions.

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For youTube, you should go back to the video on YouTube.com and grab the embed code.

What other objects do you need to embed?

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Use the JetPack plug-in, it provides most of the embedded shortcodes that you normally use in WordPress.com

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