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I have a sex education & sexual health website. As evident, I can not place Google Adsense and Adbrite advertisements as they disallow mature content and even remotely anything related to it.

Now, I want to know what are the other options I have for showing up ads. I do NOT want to place very obscene and nude ads. But, I would like to have some kind of ads on website to make it sustainable. So, what options do I have ? Which adult advertisement publisher gives highest payouts ?

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E-Consultant's Top 10 Advertising Networks may help. For instance Kanoodle have an extensive sign-up form that suggests negotiation is possible (plus the name matches the subject of your site). Some have a percentage of revenue displayed beside them (but not the average advert value).

You may also wish to review the big list of ad networks. For instance a 5 minute flick through shows that Miva believe

adult content can be considered objectionable

the "can" bit may provide some leeway.

Good luck, trying to read around this area shows how difficult it is.

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