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My site has a MyBB forums installation, and that is pretty much all I need. Forums.

However, I need a homepage and a couple other static pages, for showing relevant information, links, etc.

I don't need something fancy, all I need is something very flexible regarding theme and style editing, and just a couple simple modules, like public polls. That's all.

I am very graphical, and I am looking for something to let me edit pretty much every aspect of the site. These are static pages, mainly, so I don't need something very complex.

Some people tell me to use Dreamweaver, but quite honestly, that is not what I am looking for, even thought it does offer a lot of flexibility.

I want something like, you know, Drupal or.. some other simple, deeply-editable in terms of graphics and style web platform.

What would you recommend to me?

Thank you.

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Just do it the simple way, use WordPress, you should be able to just about everything you need with it. Then you can keep using myBB as before.

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You might find that simple static HTML pages with a widget included for the public polls is quicker to code, maintain and run.

If all you are planning to do is add 2 or 3 static pages then you add a big performance overhead, ongoing maintenance requirements, more potential for hacking, and your site will be slower.

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