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I have a start page which can link to a discounts page and then three possible extras pages (one of which will definitely be reached), all three of these lead to a confirmation page.

I have set up goals on each page and on the confirmation page I have the following funnel:

  1. /G1/StartPage
  2. /G1/(Extra1|Extra2|Extra3)Page

However I want to include the discounts page, but not all customers can see that page. e.g.

  1. /G1/StartPage
  2. /G1/DiscountsPage (may not be read)
  3. /G1/(Extra1|Extra2|Extra3)Page


  • Can I do this in the same funnel? do I have to keep my current funnel above?
  • If I create a separate funnel (of which the goal is the confirmation page again) would I only include the discounts page?
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Sorry, meant to send it over to webmasters. – Will Jan 19 '11 at 17:28
It's important to note that funnels don't actually affect Goals. ie, the only things that funnels affect are funnel visualizations. You can create a required step, but it will only affect what traffic is filtered through the funnel, not whether the goal itself is actually executed. – Yahel Jan 20 '11 at 16:17

I think GA will only give you the option to make Step 1 optional, so you may have to make a separate funnel.

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