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Hi I plan to have a web site that will have pages for local companies. The companies will have a backend to update their details. Essentially in the backend I want the company to be able to see their profile statistics e.g. monthly visitors, unique visitors, visitors per country. Is there a software package that can provide this for my site? LAMP setup.

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Google Analytics offers a Data Export API if you want to allow businesses the option to use a Google Analytics profile with your service - there are many other statistics packages out there, however, Google Analytics is pretty hard to beat (unless you want to license a local Urchin install).


Can I have a Google Analytics profile setup automatically per company?

You could use a single profile (along with advanced segments) to track all activity - for example, if every business gets its own subdirectory (i.e. /business-name/) on your main domain, you could filter results displayed in the business' admin panel to include only traffic which matches the business' subdirectory.

Will this sit under my Google Analytics account?

I was originally thinking that you could encourage businesses who use your service to create a separate profile which could receive data from your website, however, you could maintain a master profile to store the information and push data to a business' analytics account (if desired).

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Can I have a Google Analytics profile setup automatically per company? Will this sit under my Google Analytics account? Is there not a limit to the number of profiles I can have? – mar10 Jan 18 '11 at 15:50

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