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What are some important modules I should install in Drupal if I am going to use it for a news website.

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That is way too general of a question. I could just start listing a bunch of rad modules, but I don't think that is really productive. Tell us what features you want your site to have, and we can go from there. – picxelplay Jan 14 '11 at 8:11

Picxelplay is right, but that said, you may want to check out Open Publish, a Drupal distribution aimed at newspapers and the like.

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For a news site you're probably, at the very least, wanting:

CCK- gives you the ability to create custom nodes

pathauto- allows the automatic creation of human readable urls

views- very versatile module that lets you create aggregates of content based on rules and restriction

Panels- lets you group different pieces of drupal structures on one page (a view, a node and a search form on the same page)

I think the first step is to get your roles set up properly as to who's allowed to do what etc. And, yes, more information would be much more helpful.

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Don't forget Token which is needed for pathauto. – Keith Groben Mar 4 '11 at 22:38

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