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I have an SEO question, I can't find out if it's OK, that's reason why I ask.

I defined my breadcrumb from main navi with help from Rich Snippets – Breadcrumbs, by using its "data-vocabulary". Is this OK if I use the website structure?

My structure is like this:

<body itemscope itemtype="">
<header itemscope itemtype="">
<li itemscope itemtype=""><a itemprop="url" href=""><span itemprop="title">linktext</span></a></li>
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Yes, you may use different vocabularies (like and in the same document.

Microdata (in contrast to RDFa) has rather limited support for mixed vocabulary use for the same content, so if you decide to use’s BreadcrumbList together with’s Breadcrumb in the future, you would have to duplicate your content.
With RDFa, you could easily use both vocabularies for the very same content.

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