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All the while I am using Google Form to publish my survey. Now, I would like to have image on my survey form. I realize Google Form doesn't have such feature. Is there any other free alternative service I can use?


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If you have a SurveryMonkey account you can do that. Read this peice from the surverymonkey help blog.

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Polldaddy.com is another site that allows your survey to have PNG, JPEG, and GIF images, and MP3 audio files embedded as options along with the text of the options. (It also says something about video, but that may be a premium option.)

However, I am using the site for an inline survey: i.e. user takes 1 question survey and then the code block spits out a report of the votes cast so far. This may be an option for non-free users (Lifehacker uses this company, and their surveys do this), however mine spits up this ugly, unthemed ad for polldaddy instead.

I added a results page and a click through to it below the survey. Still, no updating report; but hey it's free.

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