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I am looking for some well designed icon libraries either for purchase or for free. Any suggestions? I need vector images of various things, like rain cloud, hitchhiking thumb, briefcase, and more. Thanks.

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Wefunction has an awesome free set of icons http://wefunction.com/2008/07/function-free-icon-set/

This site has links to 44 free icon sets also. http://naldzgraphics.net/freebies/40-excellent-free-icon-sets-everyone-must-have/

also you can use iconfinder.com


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Graphic River! For instance: http://graphicriver.net/item/mix-and-match-weather-icon-set/79928

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Icon Dock has some nice sets. It's a sub-site of ndesign-studio (.com) IIRC he also does custom work.

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Dude... you seriously need to try http://www.iconfinder.com, it is a icon search engine, it is great, offer great quality icons with all sorts of sizes.

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For starters

istockphoto.com has some great packages for sale


www.iconshoppe.com www.iconfactory.com/stockicons

and there is always Smashing Mag for great reviews.


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