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as Wordpress 2.9 comes with built in post thumbnail features, is it necessary to use Timthumb ?

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You might try asking this question on the WordPress site: You will likely get a much quicker response there. – Grant Palin Jan 7 '11 at 18:40

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With post thumbnails don't have the ability to dynamically crop and zoom images.

Another solution is to use Justin Tadlock's Get The Image Plugin. The Plugin tries to use the_post_thumbnail() wherever possible and gives you full control of sizing cropping and displaying images. It also allows you to grab images by custom fields.

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It is not necessary, but many WordPress themes and plug-ins still use it.

If you don't use any of those, then you don't have to have/install/use TimThumb. If you do, then you are likely to have issues without it because most of those themes and plug-ins are overriding the default functionality deliberately, or are not passing along images in a way that WordPress' default thumbnail feature knows about it.

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