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I need to show a lightbox slide show that will start with a video and once the video is complete it then rolls through static pictures on the slide show. Does anyone have an idea of how I can achieve this?


Chris Edwards

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http://www.shadowbox-js.com/ this is a lightbox that supports video

http://flowplayer.org/ this is a video player that supports the lightbox effect

video will have to hosted somewhere, for example http://youtube.com

What you want won't be easy to achieve, you can customize the flowplayer to swap some html and code with jquery when the video completes.

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There are a few lightbox clones which allow you to open an iframe in the box rather than an image or other media. So you'd need to setup a page on your site which does what you're after, and then open that URL in the light box.

Here's a comparison table of the various light box clones available, hopefully you'll find one that's suitable:


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