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A friend of mine bought a domain name on 101domains, and now wants to have his website hosted on my servers. I would like to have full control of the DNS records, and thus would like to change the NS records to point to my DNS server.

I can't find how to do that on their control panel. I can access the listing of DNS records for the domain, but cannot change it. Thus, I would like to transfer it to another registrar, that I know allows to do all these changes.

How can I do that ?

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Do you want to transfer the domain to a new registrar? Or simply point the domain to a nameserver? They are two very different things. – John Conde Dec 30 '10 at 13:36
Well, I actually wanted to point the domain to a nameserver, but can't do it, and their support is not answering my tickets. Thus, I'd like now to transfer the domain. – Wookai Dec 30 '10 at 14:14
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Their FAQ doesn't explain how to Transfer a domain out (what a surprise eh) but there should be somewhere in the Control panel that allows you to possibly unlock the domain then create an authorisation key which you can give to your new registrar.

Why is it that these hosting companies don't answer support tickets? Dreadful level of service. Either have instructions in your FAQ or answer the queries.

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  1. Login at 101domain.com
  2. Go to their 'Domains' page
  3. Click on the domain in question
  4. Buried halfway down that page you'll see a 'Request Authorization Code' link.

Deliberately hard to find if you ask me!

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Then find domain secret / authorization key and use it for transferring it.Note your domain must be 60 days old for eligibility.

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