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I am about to launch a website that allows the end user to get alerted as their bus approches the stop. The only problem was this is a little expensive as I'm paying about 5 cents per alert. I was thinking that if I added a short message something like "brought to you by acme co" at the end of the message I may be able to recoup cost without making my service a paid one.

Anyone know of any SMS ad companies or how one would go about finding one. Google has failed me, probably searching for the wrong thing.

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The only non-sketchy SMS ad network I know of is 4INFO. They also have a program called AdHaven Mobile, but I'm not sure how it's different from their ad service for publishers.

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Twilio costs $0.01 per message (Non-US is in private beta).

As for adverts, I just googled SMS adverts and got a load of companies that sell advertising. Maybe get in touch with a few of them and ask them.

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I'm using twilio but it's 2 cents in and two cents out. Which makes 4 cents. I found a lot of companies that were SELLING SMS ads but I was having trouble finding one that would let me profit from ads. – BandonRandon Dec 29 '10 at 20:11

I know this answer's late by a few months, but just in case you're still looking or someone else finds this question...

Check out Inuvi and please contact us if it looks like we can help.

Here are some ways in which Inuvi differs from 4INFO:

  • We provide publishers (and mobile operators) with an ad service only.
  • We don't offer the full SMS publishing, delivery, and advertising solution that 4INFO provides.
  • We operate globally.
  • We have a low minimum spend for advertisers.
  • We don't charge a set-up or service fee to publishers and mobile operators.

By the way, if anyone's interested, here's the Inuvi blog.

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