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For privacy reasons, I'm searching for an open source album application I can host on my server, Is there such a project? In C#?

I'd like to upload pictures, tag them, have privileges settings etc.


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You maybe found what you need with Microsoft WebMatrix.

Composite C1 (directly available in WebMatrix) is an Open Source heavily customizable CMS in C#, that can allow you to use it as an album application.

You can also take a look to Photo Gallery Wall C#, a Silverlight Photo Gallery based on this tutorial (here a demonstration).

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Do you try Galleris section in WebMatrix, there are 4 application , I tries Gallery Server Pro, but I'm not sure it was in C#

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GalleryServerpro is a pretty good product; I have used it on some sites with very little difficulty and the developer is very good about answering questions if you need help. http://www.galleryserverpro.com

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