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I'm looking for general feedback on my website www.saaslounge.com. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post such a request so apologies in advance.

I've spent a few days putting together a Joomla based website - www.saaslounge.com - which is a directory of web applications. The concept is simple, people can sign up to the site and list their SaaS apps in the directory free of charge. I have no intention of changing this model, for the site to work it needs to remain free.

However what I would like to do is add more value to the site, and this is where you come in. I've been thinking about ways that I could add more value, and by value in the case of a directory I specifically mean gather more data on the SaaS applications listen. An obvious and easy example is to measure applications uptime and show this. We currently also check each of the sites listed against our SaaS metric http://www.saaslounge.com/saas-metric to ensure that they meet certain criteria.

All thoughts and opinions are welcome. Oh, and I know the site design is shocking. We'll get that sorted if the site becomes more popular.

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