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I have a coupon based website. And i have good number of visits. But, my alexa rank is as low as 5,77,000+. How can i improve my alexa rank?

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Alexa simply counts the number of unique visitors to a website. Install the Alexa spyware toolbar and visit your website once a day. Your ranking will skyrocket.

Alexa is completely useless as a metric of any kind. I wouldn't spend any time worrying about it.

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is Alexa spyware toolbar really works? –  user2955248 Aug 2 at 15:22
Yes. It really is that simple. –  John Conde Aug 2 at 15:23
can you please give me the download link –  user2955248 Aug 2 at 15:28
alexa.com/toolbar –  John Conde Aug 2 at 15:28
I already installed it 6 months before. But, no use. –  user2955248 Aug 2 at 15:32

1.Install Alexa Tool Bar: Download Alexa Toolbar for your browser.

2.Claim your site:

3.Put Alexa Widget on your blog:

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