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Hello I have implemented Google Analytics in my android app where I can see number of new users and active users detail. I uploaded the app on Google Play Store.

When I see number of downloads on Google Play Store there it is displaying around 20k and Google Analytics for my same android app is displaying more than 40k new users.

What it is wrong with this analytics ? Doesn't Google Analytics work perfect for android apps ?

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How are you tracking downloads? Event tracking or some other method? –  Anagio Aug 1 at 16:03
I am using both multiple screen tracking and multiple event tracking in my android app. –  user19345 Aug 1 at 16:07
Monitor your analytics in realtime and go to your app and download see if it's generating multiple events or hits. But unlikely. –  Anagio Aug 1 at 16:13
@Anagio it records the screen logs everytime when I open same screen multiple times and same for event also –  user19345 Aug 1 at 16:15

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