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Is there any alternative to Ægir for multiple CMS sites?

How about Drupal or even Joomla?

I'm afraid WordPress just isn't enough when its not a blog.


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Can you define "multiple CMS sites"? It's hard to give you advice if you don't tell us what you need. Also: This isn't really a programming question, maybe it should be moved to – marcvangend Dec 14 '10 at 20:18

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I know you mention Wordpress not being enough, but have you tried Wordpress mu?


You ask, "is there any alternative to Ægir?" But then you say "for multiple CMS sites? to Drupal or even Joomla? I'm afraid WordPress just isn't enough when its not a blog."

Does this mean you already looked at or tried Ægir? Ægir is hands down the best way to host multiple Drupal installs.

I think this question should stay here.

If Wordpress MU is not enough, Ægir is what you need if you want to go Drupal.