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I have a series of coordinates data which I plot onto an API-generated heatmap visualization using Google Maps API. The data changes daily, and I'd like to capture the heatmap and save it as a PNG or JPG image programmatically from within PHP so that a particular day's map can be recalled without regenerating the map and a number of maps could be sequenced together to show the changes animated over a given time period. I also need to be able to export a PDF report including a heatmap and this obviously would not work with a dynamic webpage frame.

Does anyone know of a way to save the generated Google heatmap to a static PNG or JPG file, other than manually taking a screenshot and then cropping it to the bounds of the map?

Alternatively, does anyone know of an alternate tool for plotting coordinates onto a map and producing visualisations from this such as heatmaps, ideally from within PHP?

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