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I'm doing some evaluation on

Liferay vs JBoss GateIn

Looking for community info on which is better suited from points of view of:

  • Performance
  • Features OOTB
  • In-life maintenance

I'm looking for practical views (real-life sites) or any gotchas you have come across in your own projects.

I asked this on prog.se, but been asked to try here. Hope this is on-topic for this site


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I haven't used GateIn, but we've used Liferay For a couple of production sites and have been pretty happy with it.

Enterprise features that we've used extensively:

  • multi-language
  • multi-site (for serving web and mobile versions)
  • structured content (for templating shops, restaurants, etc)

Performance has been troublesome for us in the past. There is/was a bug in the version of Liferay 6 we were using that caused database connections to be exhausted which would bring down the admin site and required a reboot. But once patched db performance was good. I believe ythis bug is resolved in the latest version anyway.

Tuning of Apache and Tomcat also took some work. OOTB Apache was spawning a lot of processes which chewed up memory. Again, once the tuning was complete we had no further issues and are now seeing 100% uptime.

Hope this helps. If you need any specifics on the bugs, I can probably dig them out.

thanks - we did a PoC and are going ahead with Liferay, just fyi – shinynewbike Mar 28 '11 at 7:53
Cool. It was only after I posted that I realised the question was from December. It popped up under active questions for some reason - maybe because of an edit. – Ciaran Mar 28 '11 at 7:55

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