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I use Google Analytics to monitor one of my Websites. However, I have a problem and I cannot monitor the stats with the way I should. What I mean... I have a page which a user can use a link with get parameters to autofill a form.

Let's say that I have a page like this one:


On the history (and on realtime stats) I have different stats for:


There are several parameters and I cannot check them one by one. I would expect a stats page which will present stats for www.mywebsite.com/mypage and for any same link with parameters as one page.

Is there any way to do this?

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This can be done using "advanced segments".

  1. Click on "+ Add Segment" to your report. add segment
  2. Click on "+ New Segment" (the big red button) new segment
  3. Name your segment "My Page"
  4. Click on "Advanced" -> "Conditions"
  5. Add the condition "Page" contains "/mypage"my page segment
  6. Hit the blue "Save" button
  7. View any of your reports with this segment applied.

In the future, you will not have to recreate this segment. It will be available to apply from the "+Add Segment" menu.

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Great walkthrough--just what I was looking to do. – Seth Apr 6 at 20:28

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