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I have a website that having some applets, which works without any issues in IE6-IE9. But when I tried in IE10 and IE11, it seems to be buggy. All the pages where not loading properly.

After some searches in google, I found adding the following will solve the problem :

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9" />

But even after adding this, my problem was not resolved. When I add the above meta tag, IE's document mode was set to IE9 but the browser mode was still IE10/IE11. If I add my site into compatibility mode it works as good as in IE6-IE9. But whenever the machine accessing the site changes, I need to add the site into compatibility mode.

I would like to know whether I can change code from the server side to solve this compatibility issue of my web site.

My web site's server side uses jsp pages containing some applets and servlet. And the site is deployed in Apache Tomcat

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I am hardly an expert in coding Java/JavaScript, but when I managed thousands of web servers and sites, this was a common problem because browsers do not all handle JavaScript the same. When dealing with JavaScript in particular, it is not uncommon to have to test the browser/browser version and adjust your code accordingly. –  closetnoc Jun 30 at 16:09
Sounds like your attempting to use a band aid rather than addressing the real issue. It would be better to address the issue for future compatibility. –  bybe Jun 30 at 18:42
@bybe Also I am very keen to know what is going wrong when IE is upgraded from 9 to 11. It was working fine till IE 9. –  AKHIL K Jul 1 at 11:06
Would you mind posting the scripts that are causing issues? –  E Carter Young Jul 1 at 15:20
@ECarterYoung how can we confirm that scripts are culprit in this case..?? It may be because of Applets, may be because of css, may be because of some other issues..how can i find which is really causing the problem..? –  AKHIL K Jul 2 at 14:25

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