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We are launching a big international web site, that has local web sites on other domains.

We are planning to configure the web site to behave in the following manner:

Of a user with German (de) accept-language header visits "mysite.com", he is automatically redirected to "mysite.de".

If on "mysite.de" he selects to go to "mysite.com", the specific "no redirect in future" cookie is added. Now, when he visits mysite.com, he is no longer redirected.

Will this "initial redirect" behavior have any negative implication of website's reputation in search engines?

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Something to consider is when using multiple domains back links won't be shared across, while using sub folders like /de/ the whole domain benefits. – Simon Hayter Jun 29 '14 at 18:32
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Googlebot does not use or store cookies so you have no problem there. However, if the sites have similar content written in different languages you should use the rel=alternate and hreflang values as described in the following article:


You can also find a few more tips and best practices here: 300, 302, 303 or 307 redirect for international site?

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