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I saw lots of question about this topic and all of them were talking if someone want to use php for "building web pages", should learn html first or not.

and most of them said yes, because most of the time you make web page with both php and html (and maybe css).

But If I just want to use php for contacting to My Database (for example MySQL) and nothing more, shuold I learn any html or CSS first or not?

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If you only want to interact on the command line you do not even need PHP. You can talk to your database directly and use a few shell functions (e.g. bash on Linux, Powershell on Windows etc.) to format and store the data. –  Eike Pierstorff Jun 12 at 8:30
not just that. actually I want to communicate from my android application to my mysql database, and php is going to do that for me I guess. –  Sadegh Jun 12 at 8:51

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You can learn PHP without learning HTML / CSS.

If you are just doing simple database operations without making any web pages / web interface to your application, then PHP only is fine. So, you would be practically restricted to running PHP scripts via command line.

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It's never bad to know the basics of HTML/CSS, but if you really just use it for database communication, I don't really see the need to learn it.

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