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I have bought a domain that I want to use as a unique Tumblr website but I can't get the url to pick up on Tumblr settings.

The domain is a .com registered with 123-reg. I've set the CNAME to the correct tumblr url and also set the A record too. When I visit the url I get the Tumblr error page so I know that the domain is pointing, however when I go to settings in Tumblr and "Test" the url it says that it's not pointing and I can't save it. What could be the problem?

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How can you set both a CNAME and an A record at the same time? Are you talking about different subdomains? –  Stephen Ostermiller Jun 5 at 10:24
Did you enter your domain name into tumblr's system and test it with the following instructions? tumblr.com/docs/en/custom_domains –  Stephen Ostermiller Jun 5 at 10:26
I've set the A record back so just using CName now. I've just done exactly the same thing with a .co.uk url of mine and that's working fine –  user3177012 Jun 5 at 11:04

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