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I have a theme. Because I don't have a static home page, a list of my latest posts is my home page.

I want to add a drop-down box which I have coded on my starting home page which should remain static (just for home section). For this, I tried to code it in index.php, but the problem is the box is outside that. It is not coming up. I mean that the post is wrapped in a box content, the same as I want for my drop-down menu.

See this image, with HELLO text:

Normally it is coming in simple line, but I want it to be wrapped in a box, like the posts.

I know that I just need to put a small div and p tag. I tried, but maybe my position is wrong, can anyone help me here

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What have your written so far? You're going to have to show some code if you want to get good help. –  John Conde Dec 4 '10 at 14:28
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Using a <div> tag might solve your problem, however the <div> tag automatically puts in a line-return or break (<br>). I would suggest either positioning the <div> tag absolutely (Using position: absolute; in CSS), then float it right (Using float: right;).


#div_el {
    position: absolute;
    float: right;

Should help a bit.

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