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I want to create a site that basically lets me:

  1. Write tutorial articles with nice formatting.
  2. Display flash videos for my viewers.

Any suggestions on a free solution? Something that would allow me to purchase a domain name and upgrade would be a plus.


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You can always use a free blogging service (blogger, wordpress) and use youtube to host your videos and embed them in the post.

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Wordpress is the way to go. Allows you to migrate to a self-hosted solution very easily. – Eli Gundry Dec 4 '10 at 23:12

Posterous has caught on in recent years as a simple but elegant solution. It's easy to get content into it and they support a large variety of formats including Flash video.

Here is the Posterous FAQ page which answers many questions you might have, including verification that they support Flash video content:


You can also purchase a domain and use that in the future, which was another part of your question. There is a page on that describes setting up custom domains on Posterous (and describes it quite well, I should say):


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