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I have a problem here.

I am doing reverse proxy for few website in my test server.

So , what i have encounter here is that when i request the website from the client , both website request from the same path , thus only the leading ProxyPass will work , not the latter.

Here is my configuration .

 ProxyPass /js http://example.com/js
 ProxyPassReverse /js http://example.com/js

 ProxyPass /js http://example.org/js
 ProxyPassReverse /js http://example.org/js

My question is that how i can differentiate both of them.Because it will cause the second website unable to load the js scrips.

I have try Alias like

Alias /fjs /js

so it will come like

ProxyPass /fjs http://example.org/js

But the js script for the second website is still not working

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Why do you have the same set of ProxyPass directives twice? It isn't clear to me which ones are working and which ones are not. –  Stephen Ostermiller May 15 at 12:25

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