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My competitor is using Alexa to see what I am doing. I need to get rid of my sites from Alexa.

How to do so? How to kick out all Alexa toolbar bot requests or mislead them to other places?

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I do not believe that you can, from a web server point of view, know if a user has the Alexa toolbar installed in a browser. I could be wrong. But I just can't see it. The Alexa toolbar is, by the way, not a bot that you can block. But the ia_archiver bot is and part 2 of the equation. You have piqued my interest! How can your competitor use Alexa to see what you are doing? Can you explain this to us so we know? There may be an answer for you, but I am not sure what you are experiencing. Can you give us a more detailed explanation? –  closetnoc May 9 at 4:14
See here: stackoverflow.com/questions/3933926/…. –  Zistoloen May 9 at 7:47
What do you mean by your competitor is seeing what you are doing? –  DisgruntledGoat May 9 at 13:38
Alexa ranks pages based on number of hits from people that have their toolbar installed. As far as I know, you can't block toolbars. The SO question you linked will only stop Alexa bots, but pretty sure those bots don't count as traffic. How exactly does your competitor know what you're doing through Alexa? Maybe the problem can be solved some other way? –  Ivo van der Veeken May 9 at 14:26
“My competitor is using Alexa to see what I am doing.” What are you doing that is somehow viewable via Alexa but not via Google or Bing or just visiting your site? –  JakeGould May 9 at 16:49

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