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In case of English, I am able to view by inspect element directly. I want to do the same for Arabic.

Using body{direction:rtl} only flips some views but it does not apply body.rtl specific CSS elements. For example if I say body.rtl #abc{} the properties under this wont work.

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Which browser are you using when you are trying to inspect elements? I've never had a problem with this feature working, even on Arabic sites. I typically use Firefox. –  Stephen Ostermiller May 8 at 10:21
I am making html css for a cross platform mobile app.So I am unable to view arabic css on browser but can view the same on mobile.BTW I use chrome.When I force body{direction:rtl} in css the rtl css dont seem to be getting applied in browser.It uses english css and flips some views. –  Dhaval Sachade May 8 at 10:31
I'm not sure that it matters, but on my Arabic site I flip the direction using the following HTML tag rather than CSS: <html lang="ar" dir="rtl"> I tested inspect element in both Firefox and Chrome on that site. They both work. –  Stephen Ostermiller May 8 at 10:35
The thing is I am using same html for both languages and just want to change css if selected language in the application is arabic.For example if I use #abc{} for english I will use body.rtl #abc{} for arabic.This gets applied in mobile but not in browser –  Dhaval Sachade May 8 at 10:37

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