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I've built a static site. Locally, when I serve the content with python -m SimpleHTTPServer everything behaves normally, but when I copy the HTML onto the server and browse the site at the server's URL, some links will have a port number appended to the domain. For example: url.com:84/path where the correct path is url.com/path. The port number is usually different, always between 81-85.

It is an Apache server. I'm not experienced with web server configuration, and I'm not the admin of the server. Let me know if there is more information that can help solve my problem.

~> cat /etc/*release*
SuSE SLES-8 (i386)
UnitedLinux 1.0 (i586)
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="UnitedLinux 1.0 (i586)"
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How have you checked that URLs become like that? Have you checked the page source? – Tero Kilkanen May 4 '14 at 0:15
@TeroKilkanen that is where the browser navigates to when I click on the a link. In the page source, the a has href="/path" as intended – glifchits May 4 '14 at 22:15

What happens if you start the server like so:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80

It could be that you are running this as port 80 on you local setup, but then on the Apache server it is using ports 81 to 85 because Apache is already in use.

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