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My company has build a webshop (for jewels and watches in case that matters). We got contacted by another site, a shop-in-shop.

The shop-in-shop site does the following:

  • Collects feeds from different shops and present those products (1)
  • You can browse those products per category, similar products sorted together
  • When you click a product, you get a 'preview', a fancybox-like div with img and a price (2)
  • When you click buy they redirect the user to the productpage of the webshop offering it

(1) I don't know how they decide to show which product if multiple shops offer the save, asume all shops provide unique products
(2) It's not an iframe, so it's not a subpage or something (in case of duplicate content)

I'm worried this might backfire, but a.t.m. I can't really think of something that will effect negatively, and the increase in backlinks and pagevisits is positive.

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By thinking about several seconds, I don't find any pitfall either unless your RSS feed contains content of your pages (possible duplicate content issues). –  Zistoloen Apr 22 at 14:48
They don't show product descriptions I believe. Even if they do, they display it all in one page (in the source), so it's not the same. I can't find any downsides so far, but I dont want to be surprised –  Martijn Apr 22 at 15:10

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