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I have registered my Google authorship e-mail, and my blog posts are on the same domain. Why is my G+ profile image not appearing in SERPs? I have e-mail registered and verified for Google authorship.

All my posts have the same problem, but here's an example: http://www.easterislandtraveling.com/blog/easter-island-life-gets-modern-internet-access-improved/ Search for "Easter Island life gets modern internet access improved" and you'll see that no profile image of mine appears.

Though, when testing it in the rich snippet tool, the profile image DOES appear: http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets

Why could this be?

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Google only shows your image if it considers you a relevant author on the subject matter (subject matter expert may be debatable as most indications are that they just check how relevant you are as an author but it will probably move there if not already checked).

When the program first rolled out it was easy to get your picture in the SERPs, but they've increased the requirements to have your picture shown and reduced the number of authors showing per page.

Google Authorship Purge: http://www.virante.org/blog/2013/12/19/authorshippocalypse-google-authorship-penguin-finally-appeared/

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After some update google remains to show only the popular blog with high PR and DA..So you need to improve your website in order to get resulted

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