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I'm aware that there are old questions in the same vein, but they're from ~2010 and everything has moved on a lot since then. Also, a caveat below excludes the common old answer.

Background: I've got about a dozen domains (two of which have about half-a-dozen subdomains between them) that are personal/non-commercial sites. They collect no financial details, they have nothing particularly sensitive on them (the most sensitive one is a forum where random people are logging in to accounts that they could have used a common password for), but I've put them all on HTTPS because I feel that HTTPS should be the norm these days. So that people don't get warnings when visiting, I've been using StartSSL certificates (except where it is purely for personal usage, where I set up a private CA and sign my own certificates - but that isn't usable for the wider public).

Situation: Following Heartbleed, StartSSL have basically declined to do anything about security(1)(2)(3) without charging more than you can get several certificates for from one of the main paid vendors. That severely cripples my trust in them.

Question: Are there any CAs who offer free/sub-$1† certificates that are trusted by all major browsers (other than StartSSL)?

I'm not looking for opinions on who is best, just a name of a CA, their price, and their out-of-the-box support percentage/main browsers.

Options with no warranty and domain-only validation are fine - I want encryption for privacy, not for commerce.

† Given the number of domains/subdomains then the usual argument that "$10+ for a certificate is nothing" doesn't hold!

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