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No matter if using Google Chrome

  • 35.0.1916.27 beta-m
  • 34.0.1847.116 m

When I open dev panel (F12) it keeps resetting to it's default position. I want to keep it docked to right with certain size and it was until yesterday or day before yesterday when closing dev panel and opening agian does in it's default position, not last used position as usually.

It's super annoying and unproductive, how to make it like it used to be?

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Does this also happen with the undocked version of the dev panel? I keep mine on separate screens and have never had this issue. Does it also happen in chrome canary? Usually when i have chrome errors, I jump over to chrome canary and wait for the chrome team to fix it in the next release. –  Frank Sep 19 at 9:03

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