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I manage a site and do mailing per month.

I'm tracking - www.example.com but, I put my mailings under

  • www.example.com/news/newyear/
  • www.example.com/news/sales/
  • www.example.com/news/promo1/
  • etc.

Instead of creating new profiles for each mailing, is it possible create sub profiles and track them as selecting profile from Google Analytics.

I hope - I described my question. :)


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Under Google Analytics, I believe what you want are Advanced Segments.

So for your example, you would create 3 of these, here's an example:

  1. Go to My Customizations > Advanced Segments
  2. Click + Create new custom segment
  3. Drag over "Dimensions > Content > Page"
  4. Choose "Matches exactly" and enter "/newyear/"
  5. Enter a name for this, save the Advanced Segment.
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Thank you, that's solved my question practically. :) – Bin Boa Dec 5 '10 at 19:31

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