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My question is about Android application button press tracking, but I believe there is no big difference with button press on the web page, so I ask the question here.

I would like to track user actions and user settings in my android app, so I've added the following code (executed when user presses particular button):

if (user_name != "") has_name = 1;
easyTracker.send(MapBuilder.createEvent("ui_action", "send_mail", "has_name", (long) has_name).build());
easyTracker.send(MapBuilder.createEvent("ui_action", "send_mail", "has_address", (long) has_address).build());
easyTracker.send(MapBuilder.createEvent("ui_action", "send_mail", "has_operator", (long) has_operator).build());
easyTracker.send(MapBuilder.createEvent("ui_action", "send_mail", "has_passport", (long) has_passport).build());
easyTracker.send(MapBuilder.createEvent("ui_action", "send_mail", "has_phonenumber", (long) has_phonenumber).build());
easyTracker.send(MapBuilder.createEvent("ui_action", "send_mail", "has_mo_consent", (long) has_mo_consent).build());
easyTracker.send(MapBuilder.createEvent("ui_action", "send_mail", "has_other_docs", (long) has_other_docs).build());
easyTracker.send(MapBuilder.createEvent("ui_action", "send_mail", "has_screenshot", (long) has_screenshot).build());

easyTracker.send(MapBuilder.createEvent("ui_action", "complaint_region", email_to, null).build()); 

See createEvent description - it sends Event category, Event action, Event label, Event value accordingly.

Now I see the following results for particular date -

EVENT ACTION: send_mail » EVENT CATEGORY: ui_action ea:send_mail-ec:ui_action

EVENT CATEGORY: ui_action » EVENT ACTION: complaint_region ec:ui_action_ea:complaint_region

I can not understand - should not be total number of events complaint_region multiplied by 8 (number of event labels for send_mail) be equal to send_mail total events? 76*8 != 1038.

And, the main question - how many times all users pressed the button? 76?

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