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The weirdest thing has just occurred. I did a google search and once the page had rendered I could see double f's had been replaced with a strange script font. Even weirder, once I chose to have a look using Firebug, the strange script font appeared there also. Why is this?

I've attached a picture of what I saw.alt text

P.S. The Search was for "wget facebook" and I'm using Firefox 3.6 on Mac OS X 10.5

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The character is "ffi": Unicode Character 'LATIN SMALL LIGATURE FFI' (U+FB03)

Why your computer is choosing a script font to handle it, I'd check your localization and internationalization settings for your computer.

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The font is different here, too. It's not like yours but it's notably different. Seems the problem isn't in your computer.

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I think they are updating on this site.. so that's why it turns out like that..like this one http://bit.ly/strang_e

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