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How can I get the web page load speed and data amount in Internet Explorer? I know about PageSpeed and Firebug for Firefox, is there an equivalent of those tools for IE?

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I would recommend dynaTrace AJAX Edition for testing page performance in IE6+. It's a free download (although you have to create an account to actually get a download link) and hooks in to the browser to get low-level timings of network, rendering, scripting, and other metrics.

It can also show you what is taking the largest amount of time.

This tool has been invaluable to me since the site I work on requires IE6 support and performance is critical.

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Firebug can be very handy most of the times in Firefox. IE also has this kind of simple application that helps you edit or see the codes in a webpage. Try hitting F12 to see it.

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Which versions of IE have this? I want to see how long it took to load the resources of the page and which resources were loaded. – omouse Sep 13 '11 at 17:26

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