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Can a rule that filters and redirect traffic based on country of origin be implemented in .htaccess?

Can it be implemented in any other way then by an IP address? I need the solution to be as accurate as possible.

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I only know of using the .htaccess but that may require a large(ish) number of rules to cover all of the IP address ranges. What countries are you interested in? That may help someone to answer your question. Push comes to shove, I can perhaps see what IP address ranges exist for any country and create an example rewrite rule(s) that you can try. I expect there may be a better way though. I have no idea how people do this other than .htaccess. – closetnoc Apr 9 '14 at 3:12

Maybe this link (how to redirect domain according to country IP address) can help you.

I think, however, that this is not a good practice. Redirection by language or country is quite strict. It is better preferred:

  • A message at the top of your site that influence the visitor to go to the page built with his language.
  • A system that can easily change the language (flags)

This is only my opinion.

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Yes, we used to filter visitors from Nigeria by .htaccess:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.google.com [L]

You can generate your own at http://ip2location.com/free/visitor-redirection .

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You need an Apache module to use this htaccess: ip2location.com/developers/apache – dhaupin May 4 '15 at 13:35

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