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According to Adwords, my ad has a bad url that returns an error code, but I can load the url in a browser without any problems or error codes.

I've fetched the url as Google from webmaster tools, no error code either.

The actual adwords report states:

[Destination URL] Invalid HTTP Response Code: To ensure a good user experience, your destination URL must work properly and not return an error code beginning with a 4 or a 5 (such as a 404 error). Your destination URL or some component on that page (like Javascript) is returning a status code indicating an error.

Here's the actual url that is problematic - as you can see it gets loaded fine without any errors.

Can you recommend how should I troubleshoot this problem?

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I'd look at fetch as googlebot again as it does seem to return a 500 server error with rexswain.com/httpview.html –  user29671 Apr 8 at 17:35
That's odd as the page loads normally and everything works :/ –  Marek Andreansky Apr 8 at 17:44
All your pages seem to have this problem, I would be surprised if you couldnt see this in webmaster tools/fetch as googlebot. Server log files might help track down the cause. –  user29671 Apr 8 at 17:55
Thanks for the info, I'm looking at them right now. –  Marek Andreansky Apr 8 at 18:02

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