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For some reason, Google Webmaster Tools started showing all these errors while crawling my site, saying that it couldn't reach my pages. I checked my robots.txt everything checks out, so I'm not sure what's wrong.

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Can you edit your message and add more information, like your robots.txt and the errors Google is reporting? Can you browse your site normally? –  PatomaS Apr 8 at 4:59
yes, i can browse normally but what methods i have to follow, because lot of visitors are coming to my site. –  user35767 Apr 8 at 5:07
whether i have to ask hosting provider to check DNS errors –  user35767 Apr 8 at 5:09
What date shows in Google WMT for when the errors reported? It's possible there was a glitch causing downtime but now everything is okay. –  zigojacko Apr 8 at 7:00
Really need a more specific error that GWT is giving you. Have you tried the "Fetch as Googlebot" feature for more insight? –  nathangiesbrecht Apr 8 at 15:49