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I moved over an existing php site to plesk panel 11.5 and now I'm having an issue with the site preview. When I click site preview the site comes up fine in a new window, however when I try to navigate within site I'm redirected to the plesk panel login on the the new window. Then if I click on the plesk panel window, I'm also redirected to plesk panel login. How can I make changes to site and preview them without having plesk site preview redirect me to plesk login?

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Is you issue only within the Preview or when you actually go to the website, using your domain, it does it also? I am a bit confused with the wording of your issue. –  user37204 Apr 7 at 22:21
Only within preview for now. I haven't setup domain to actually go to website. This is my first time setting up site on plesk and I figured I could make all changes using preview, then when I finished worry about setting up domain. –  Don Apr 7 at 22:47

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