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When I setup an Email signature for a client on a Gmail account, the image is not being displayed when I look at it on my own Gmail account, but with other Gmail accounts it works.

I tried different image services, I tried setting it on a unique domain, but it seems completely random. Any ideas why it happens?

On my Gmail I setup "Always display external images".. Images: Always display external images - Learn more Ask before displaying external images

From the Gmail help files:

Choose whether to show images Gmail automatically shows you the images in your messages. If you have a slow Internet connection or limited mobile data, you may want to change your setting so that Gmail asks you before showing images.

Choosing not to show images automatically

On a computer On an Android phone or tablet On an iPhone or iPad How Gmail makes images safe

Some senders try to use externally linked images in harmful ways, but Gmail takes action to ensure that images are loaded safely. Gmail serves all images through Google’s image proxy servers and transcodes them before delivery to protect you in the following ways:

Senders can’t use image loading to get information like your IP address or location. Senders can’t set or read cookies in your browser. Gmail checks your images for known viruses or malware. In some cases, senders may be able to know whether an individual has opened a message with unique image links. As always, Gmail scans every message for suspicious content and if Gmail considers a sender or message potentially suspicious, images won’t be displayed and you’ll be asked whether you want to see the images.

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