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I'm hoping somebody can provide some thoughts on an issue I'm facing. I've built a new website on wordpress.com for someone whose previous website was built and hosted with Mr. Site. We weren't happy with the Mr. Site interface and wanted easier access to mobile-friendly themes, so I've helped them make the switch. It's nothing fancy, as they're not needing anything complicated from it, but one important feature of the old site was the existing mailing list. This mailing list received news of blog posts and updates to the summer programme.

We've got access to the Mr. Site control panel for 7 days and can still (I think) send emails from there in that time. Our audience demographic is a bit older and they're less likely to visit the site of their own volition. It seems to us that our options are to either send an email from the Mr. Site control panel informing them that it's a new site and that they should subscribe again if they wish to keep getting email notifications, or to undertake the effort ourselves and manually subscribe the email address from our old list.

My concern is that the second option would lead to users being confused or even put off by any verification email that might follow.

What do you think would be the better option? Is there an alternative? Any advice appreciated!

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Can you not just import the email addresses into the new site and suspend the activation emails whilst you do ? –  user29671 Apr 3 at 7:06
@user29671 I'm not seeing an option to disable 'follower' verification emails - I think they're automatic. I can only change the text. I think it'll be option two with as nice an explanatory email as I can manage! –  user31535 Apr 3 at 8:39

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