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I am trying to correct for an issue where some dynamic urls were generated where the downstream directory paths were swapped with what is normal and then the links were published.

For example: example.com/en/2014_01/en-directory-01/... was created as example.com/es/2014_01/es-directory-01/...

I have a whole slew of these where the en/ directory is accidentally paired with a es-directory-#/ directory.

I have created a set of rewrite rules that I think cover them but don't seem to work. The format is:

RewriteRule ^en/(201[0-4]_[0-9]{2})/es-directory-01/(.*)?$ es/201$1/es-directory-01/$2 [R=301,NC]
RewriteRule ^en/(201[0-4]_[0-9]{2})/es-directory-02/(.*)?$ es/201$1/es-directory-02/$2 [R=301,NC]
RewriteRule ^es/201([0-4]_[0-9]{2})/en-directory-01/(.*)?$ en/201$1/en-directory-01/$2 [R=301,NC]
RewriteRule ^es/201([0-4]_[0-9]{2})/en-directory-01/(.*)?$ en/201$1/en-directory-01/$2 [R=301,NC]

I don't need a rewrite condition for this, correct? Is there anything obviously wrong here?

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