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In the few CMS systems I have played around, a central feature is a list of content items, maybe filtered, but normally such a screen has links to add, edit, or delete an item.

When I create a standard Projection in Orchard, I fell very constrained by it's workflow for that, and then I feel plain frustrated that there is apparently no way to place an Add link on the projection, and neither to place edit or delete links on each line in the list. Just BTW, another frustration here is I can find no way to show the owner of a content item in the projection.

Most CMS systems also have at least an edit button when viewing a content item if you are the ownder of that item. I have no problem placing an Edit link in the content, but then I must always manually find out the URL of the content item, and how to construct a hyperlink that opens an editor for that item.

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What does "on the projection" mean? Can you include screenshots of their edit and delete forms? –  Stephen Ostermiller yesterday

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