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I know next to nothing pertaining to this topic, so I will do my best to describe my situation. I tried looking for answers, but I think I just need someone to put it into layman's terms for me.

I am working with a client who is planning to make a subdomain on their parent company's site. Let's call it "foundation.example.com". Example.com will create the subdomain, but is not allowing the client to host any files on their server.

The solution proposed would be to purchase hosting elsewhere, but have the site point to foundation.example.com. The goal is to make it seem as if the user is on foundation.example.com, since that is what will show up in the address bar.

How can I achieve this? All responses appreciated, thanks!

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Subdomains can point to different servers. example.com is irrelevant to the user in this scenario since the user really will be at foundation.example.com and seeing files hosted at foundation.example.com. The DNS server points the user to the correct location, example.com doesn't point the user there. example.com's only role is to control access to subdomains at the DNS provider.


  • Domain 1: example.com resides at IP address
  • Domain 2: foundation.example.com resides at IP address

Please clarify your question at: "The goal is to make it seem as if the user is on foundation.example.com, since that is what will show up in the address bar.", Since the user really is at foundation.example.com server, I don't understand what you are saying there.

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Thanks for your response. Perhaps I should have clarified... Example.com is using a vendor with their own CMS service to host the site, so using a subdomain on their server that doesn't utilize their services isn't going to possible. This has lead us to try to host elsewhere, but point the domain towards example.com. We would like a user to type in "foundation.example.com" into their browser and see the content from the new domain we plan to purchase, but still have it say "foundation.example.com" as their url. Hope that helps. – usefulbattery Mar 27 '14 at 17:44
That is possible. Example.com will have to create a record at their DNS provider that points foundation.example.com subdomain to your new server. When the user types foundation.example.com it will show the content from your new server once they configure it. This is a common practice. – JMC Mar 27 '14 at 17:55
Much appreciated, JMC. I will go ahead with this plan. Thanks for your efforts. – usefulbattery Mar 27 '14 at 17:57

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