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I have 2 websites, the main website located at example.com, and another one which is on a.example.com.

The problem is that I have some duplicated meta description problems to the website located on the subdomain and I can't solve them right now.

Will they affect my SEO rankings to my main page?

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No because subdomains (like a.example.com) are considered by search engines as different websites in relation to the main domain (example.com).

Therefore, having duplicated meta description in several pages of the same website can be a problem for this website (for example a.example.com) but it doesn't affect another website.

Otherwise, two duplicated meta description on two different websites is not a problem. It's normal to think that two websites can speak about the same thing and have by accident the same meta description.

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I asked this because when I searched for site:example.com on google, the second search result was a.example.com. – toofast Mar 23 '14 at 13:00

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