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This question is related to another question that I asked earier: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22558410/how-to-not-send-a-cookie-to-a-subdomain.

It seems like, I have to put all my images to another domain. My site is an image sharing site and I am concerned that it may adversely affect the SEO of the website.

Is there any way to tell Google that both the domains are related?

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How Google classifies your images is using alt tags, using a title tag for your images, image captions, naming images...

It makes sense from which domain user is getting redirected to actual content he/she looking for...

So if user goes to image and press back button to come back to original domain, then it creates wrong impression for your site. so you should open that image URL in another tab only. It might solve your some problem.

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User wont be accessing images directly. Images will open as img tag inside several pages. – Rahul Prasad Mar 22 '14 at 7:23

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